Zoo Animal Games

Children love animals and zoo animal games. From teddy bears to favorite cartoon characters, animals play a key role in a child’s world. Actually animals can also play a positive role in the child’s development, they can help the child acquire knowledge, improve his communication and reading skills. They can even help him or her develop his mathematical skills. Finally, animals can contribute to the child’s physical development.

Your child discovers about animals and their habitat

Children are fascinated by animals. It’s not a coincidence that most of Disney’s characters are indeed animals. The incredible diversity of the animal kingdom can provoke many questions in a child’s mind. For example, how do some animals fly? How fast does a lion run? How does a fish breathe? Who eats who? By learning about animals, your child can acquire a huge amount of knowledge. For example, he or she can learn about an animal’s habitat such as the savannah in Africa or the jungle in South America, learn about different places in the world and expand his or her knowledge.

Develop your child’s communication skills

Finding out about animals can also help your child develop his or her communication skills. For example, imagine all the kinds of conversations that an afternoon walk at the zoo can trigger. Where does the kangaroo live? In what class does such an animal belong? Is it a mammal, a reptile, etc? We actually encourage you to take your child to the zoo often.

By playing animal card games, you can help your child learn about the letters of the alphabet and even teach him how to read. For example, with a card representing a lion, with the word “LION” written below it, you can teach your child to read "LION" and to write it. There are many card games with animal characters. For example the Baby Einstein Animal Discovery Cards are designed for babies and preschoolers. The beautifully illustrated cards help toddlers learn about the animal kingdom and fascinating facts about animals and their habitat.

We also recommend the Animal Parade Cards by Melissa Sweet. They are designed for children 3 years and up, they are very popular and have been on the wall of almost every Nursery School for a hundred years.
african animals puzzle

Ravensburger African Animals Puzzle

Other animal games

There are games and toys that involve animals that can also help your child develop his or her motor skills. You can learn also about mimicking animal movements in our fun activities for toddlers section. There are fun zoo animal games such as:
  • animal puzzle games
  • matching games
  • board games with animal themes
These games can help your child develop his/her hand-eye coordination, increase his/her problem solving skills, and enhance his/her knowledge in different areas (geography, animal classification), but also help him/her develop pre-reading skills!

Animal puzzle game: the Ravenburger African Animals is a puzzle made in Germany for children ages 2 and up. This puzzle is made from the highest quality cardboard available. So the puzzle will last you for a lifetime, useful if you plan on having a big family! The puzzle features a serene Serengenti scene of zebras, monkeys, elephants, etc.

Animal matching game: if you are looking for an animal matching game, we recommend the Eeboo Pre-school Animal Memory Game. It is an award-winning game designed for children ages 2 and above, it introduces preschoolers to the excitement of game play (and zoo animal games). A great animal recognition and memory game.

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