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The study of history cannot go without a good world history dictionary. A history dictionary is a book that both adults and children can go back to. Children can just go through the pages at random and learn about a specific period in history. For example, they can learn about prehistory, ancient history (ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Egypt), medieval times or more recent history (the Civil War, World War II).

Adults can enhance their general knowledge and satisfy their curiosity by just going through the dictionary. Both adults and children can then discuss a specific topic and have discussions about a certain period in history. History dictionaries are also great tools to have at home. Students can use them to complete their homework or write an essay on history.

Usually history dictionaries include pictures and interesting illustrations and even maps and fact sheets with information about key figures and events in history. Kids usually enjoy them more than history books (as they sometimes contain no illustrations at all). A world history dictionary usually goes from prehistory to modern history and has pages with words listed in alphabetical order at the end that readers can use to look up a certain topic.

There are also world history dictionaries that are designed for children. Because they are designed for children, they are easier to read and they contain even more illustrations and pictures that can gain children's interest.

History dictionary #1: A Dictionary of World History

The first history dictionary that we recommend and that you can buy online is A Dictionary of World History. By Oxford Paperback, the dictionary has over 700 pages of accurate and up-to-date information about world history going from prehistory to modern times. The dictionary includes information about famous figures in history, political movements and religions, key battles and events in history. It also includes maps.

History dictionary #2: Children's Encyclopedia of American History

childrens encyclopedia of american history

Children's Encyclopedia
of American History

For children, we recommend the Children's Encyclopedia of American History by DK Publishing and the Smithsonian Institution (over 300 pages). This dictionary focuses on US history and contains maps, thousands of beautiful pictures, and information about key American figures, US presidents, the 50 states, the Constitution and Declaration on Independence. The dictionary is organized in chonological order from 1000 A.D. to today.

A history dictionary is a must-have at home and we definitely recommend that you buy at least one. One great aspect of history dictionaries is that unlike books they have no order. A kid can decide to read about the Dark Ages and the next day about ancient history.

By just reading a few pages per day or week and by dicussing a specific topic or period in history with their parents, kids can really increase their knowledge of history. This can definitely help them as they attend history classes. Furthermore, participating in a reading activity always improves literacy skills and helps kids express themselves better.

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