Geography Puzzle: A Great World Geography Game!

If you are looking for a world geography game, we recommend that you start with a geography puzzle game. Geography puzzles can make learning world geography fun. In the long process of putting the puzzle together, children learn about states and cities. They memorize countries and capitals. Puzzle games have many benefits: children not only learn about geography as they put the puzzle together, but they also build motor, cognitive, language and problem solving skills.

Geography puzzle games are usually designed for children 4 years old and up. Usually puzzles for older children include a larger number of smaller pieces and more complex color patterns. A geography puzzle can be good fun and boost your child's self confidence. For example, your child can work on a huge puzzle project that needs a whole floor to build. He or she can also glue the pieces together and hang the puzzle on a wall.

world map puzzle
Price: $14.99
Age: 5 and up
Skill: geography

GEO Toys Geography Puzzles

  • Won the Dr Toy award.
  • Teaches kids geography.
  • Puzzles of all continents.
We recommend the GEO Toys geography puzzles (ages 5 and up). They won the Dr Toy Award. They introduce kids to world geography and they also offer puzzles covering the Asian, North American, South American and European continents:
  • World GeoPuzzle
  • Geopuzzle U.S. and Canada
  • Geopuzzle Latin America
  • GeoPuzzle Europe
  • Geopuzzle Asia
  • Geopuzzle Africa and the Middle East

usa map
Price: $14.99
Age: 5-7
Skill: geography

Melissa & Doug Wooden USA Map Puzzle

  • Kids learn about the geography of the US.
  • They learn facts about each state and city.
  • Very durable.
We also recommend the Melissa & Doug Wooden USA Map Puzzle (ages 5-7) and the Melissa & Doug World Map Puzzle (ages 6 to 10). The USA puzzle is a great way for kids to learn about states and cities by putting the puzzle together. In no time, children memorize cities and states and even learn about facts about each state.

united states map
Price: $15.99
Age: 8-15
Skill: geography

USA Map Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Contains more pieces than other geography puzzles.
  • Lots of detail.
For older children (ages 8-15), there is the USA Map Jigsaw Puzzle. This puzzle contains more pieces (500 pieces), thus requires more skill to assemble. As kids spend hours putting the puzzle together, they learn to solve problems and to localize cities they may never have heard of before.

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