Wind Instruments for Kids

Wind instruments for kids are a great way to learn to play a wind musical instrument before moving to reed instruments such as the clarinet or the saxophone or other instruments such as the violin or the piano. Wood wind instruments like the flute are easy to learn and are usually much cheaper than other musical instruments.

child flute
Age: 6 and up
Skill: music

Hohner Child Flute review

  • Ideal first wind musical instrument.
  • Beautiful sweet sound.
  • Good value for money.
It is no wonder that many schools find that a wood wind instrument such as the flute is a great way to introduce kids to music and can be great first musical instruments. With flutes, kids can play all kinds of tunes, from classical to modern music.

We like the Hohner Child Flute (ages 6 and up)for the quality of the sound that it produces and because it is good value for money. The flute has Baroque fingering. It is made of maple wood which gives it a very good durability and a beautiful sweet sound. Even professional flute players agree that the sound produced by this flute is lovely.

barcelona student clarinet
Age: 6 and up
Skill: music

Barcelona B-Flat Student Clarinet review

  • Great beginner clarinet.
  • Produces good sound.
  • Nice look
  • Accessories provided including hard case, handling gloves and more.
The clarinet is a more advanced wind musical instrument that kids can move on to after learning to play the flute. It is a beautiful instrument that can be used to play beautiful classical music pieces.

We recommend the Barcelona B-Flat Student Clarinet because it is beautifully made and because it produces a really decent sound. It also comes with a hard case, handling gloves, grease and polishing cloth. We are not certain about its reliability in the long-term. However if you are looking for a beginner's clarinet and your budget is constrained, this is a great choice and great value for money considering the fact that it almost as good as more expensive clarinets in terms of play and sound quality.

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