US Presidents Game

A US Presidents game is a great way to memorize the names of American Presidents and the dates and events associated with each President. They are fun and they can be enjoyed by both adults and children. They come in various forms: puzzles, trivia games or flash card (memory) games.

US presidents puzzle
Price: $19.99
Age: 6 and up
Skill: history
Melissa & Doug has a great American Presidents puzzle (for ages 6 and above). The puzzle contains 100 pieces and all US Presidents from Washington to Obama (below each face, the name and term dates associated with each President). The puzzle is beautiful, therefore don’t hesitate to glue it together and use it once completed as decoration in a child’s bedroom.

Professor Noggin’s has a trivia game called Presidents of the United States. It is for ages 7 and above and being a trivia game, it can also be enjoyed by adults. A great family game that can be played by up to 8 players. Children not only learn the names of all the Presidents but also interesting facts about them and their periods. There are various kinds of questions not only trivia, but also multiple choice and true or false, making the overall game more enjoyable. professor noggins us presidents
Price: $10.55
Age: 7 and up
Skill: history

US presidents flash cards
Price: $6.99
Age: 4-8
Skill: history
We also recommend US Presidents Pocket Flash Cards (for ages 4-8). It is a fun flash memory card game. The games features the portraits of each US President, therefore children not only learn about the Presidents’ names but they also how they looked like and what they achieved during the presidency. They also learn about the history of political parties and various ears in the history of the United States. What we like about this game is that it is really cheap and that it can also make a great travel game (ideal for the summer holidays).

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