Uppercase Alphabet Stamps

uppercase alphabet stamps


•  Uppercase alphabet stamps.
•  Easy to grasp.
•  Plastic box to store the stamps.

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Uppercase Alphabet Stamps review

The Educational Insights Uppercase Alphabet Stamps (for ages 3 and up) has only letters in uppercase and punctuation (be careful there are no numbers provided). However the stamps might be easier to use for younger children thanks to handles that are easy to grasp and stamps that are just the right size for little hands. A plastic box is also provided here to store the stamps.

Skills developed: alphabet, reading, creativity

By playing with the uppercase alphabet stamps, preschoolers not only learn the alphabet but also develop early-reading skills. For example, children can learn to stamp small words such as "cat", "dog" or even their own names. Children can also develop their creativity by creating works of art with the stamps.

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