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The Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro projects stars, planets and galaxies on the wall and ceiling.

Children get to admire the galaxies and learn to spot constellations.

Sharp and clear images.

Includes 3D glasses, two star discs, music CD and instruction manual.

The Star Theatre Pro is a more advanced home planetarium for kids if we compare it to the much cheaper Build It Stars and Planets. It projects thousands of stars on the wall and ceiling. Children get to admire the immensity of the universe and become interested in astronomy and space.

The projector comes with two discs: one disc contains thousands of stars (over 10,000 stars) while the other projects the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. There are other discs that you can also order online. Children look at galaxies, they learn to spot and recognize constellations and they can get a view of the solar system.

What we like about this home planetarium is that the image is sharp and clear. It really feels like looking at the night sky from the comfort of your home. Another positive aspect of the Star Theatre Pro is that it is portable and easy to assemble. We also think that the quality of product is reasonable especially considering the price. You can use batteries of the AC adaptor provided which is very practical if you want to move the projector around the house.

On the negatives, is that you have to have a reasonably high ceiling, because the lower the ceiling, the smaller the image. However we believe that the projector fits most homes.

Overall, we believe that this home planetarium is a great way to get children interested in astronomy. We also recommend that you look at our page related to astronomy games for kids where you will find information on solar system games including solar system puzzles, telescopes such as the Orion XT6 and more games related to astronomy.

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