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Scrabble dictionary review

An official Scrabble dictionary is helpful as it can help players become better at Scrabble! The dictionary can help players acquire new words and considerably increase their word knowledge over time. It also contains tips and advice on how to play this popular word game.

Let’s first start with a little bit of history: the dictionary for Scrabble was originally created in 1978 by members of the US National Scrabble Association and Merriam-Webster in order to be used in tournaments. The words in the dictionary had to be present in at least one of the following five standard dictionaries: the Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary, the American Heritage Dictionary, the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the Webster's New World Dictionary and the Random House College Dictionary.

Why should you get an official dictionary? The dictionary for Scrabble helps players improve as it incorporates lots of word blends and over a hundred two-letter words. It can also help kids learn plenty of new words and considerably increase their vocabulary over time. Players can just spend some time going through the book to find words they do not know and read their definitions.

This dictionary is also easier to read as it is written in larger letters. Furthermore, all the definitions are short and clear. The official dictionary for Scrabble also lists all the permitted words noting that most common words are permitted except for words in capital letters, or abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes, and words requiring an apostrophe or a hyphen.

The dictionary for Scrabble can be used as a scrabble solver. It can also be used to settle disputes, which is especially useful in a tournament. This is also quite helpful when players use slang words that are not accepted by Scrabble or modern words that they believe are regular English words when in fact they are not yet included in a standard English dictionary. Finally it contains lots of useful advice and tips for Scrabble players which is perfect for beginners or players who just want to get better at Scrabble.

Skills developed: vocabulary

By playing the word game scrabble and by using the Scrabble dictionary, children acquire new vocabulary and considerably increase their word knowledge over time.

Scrabble Dictionary Illustrated Edition

We also recommend that the Scrabble Dictionary Illustrated Edition by DK Publishing. The illustrated edition is definitely more beautiful that the regular edition. It contains colourful illustrations next to each word and many short interesting articles. This edition also includes an extended list of three and four letter words which is always useful. We really believe that the illustrated edition of the dictionary is a must have for Scrabble lovers!

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