Preschool Math Activities

Preschool math activities: foster your child’s success in mathematics

Preschool math activities involve counting. Counting is one of the most important skills children need to become proficient. Statistics show that the earlier children are taught to count, the better prepared they will be when they start school. They also show that children that learn to count early acquire mathematical skills faster.

Early mathematics activities or preschool math activities that involve counting can help the young child build skills that she will use as she begins the school years. Counting can easily be connected to everyday life and be interactive and fun.

Counting games ideas

Learning to count can be a fun and enjoyable experience for your child. In this section, we provide you with creative means and counting games to teach your kid to count:
  • You could ask your child to count how many cars and houses exist in your neighborhood. You could also ask her to keep track of how many cars are parked on a particular street. And then discuss why some days are busiers than others in terms of parking.
  • Counting can also be accomplished at the supermarket. For instance, you can ask your kid to put 5 items in a bag. This will have her count from one to five.
  • There are preschool math activities that can be played in the kitchen. For example, when setting the dinner table, ask her to bring 6 spoons and count how many people will sit at the table. Ask her to count the number of total spoons or cups.
  • Another great way to get your kid counting is gather all his toys, this can be cars, trains, dolls, stuffed animals, and have him count them. You kid could really have fun counting toys. For instance, gather all the collection of toys in a big pile. Have your child count how many total toys there are in the pile. Then determine different categories (for example, dolls, cars, etc) and ask him how many cars he has. This will help him build his counting skills while counting toys.
It doesn't seem like much but these preschool math activities can really help your child acquire a solid base in mathematics before she begins the school years.
thinkfun zingo game

ThinkFun Zingo Game

Games in the market that we recommend

There are many games in the market that you can get that can help your child learn to count. One such game is the award-winning ThinkFun Zingo 1-2-3 (ages 4-10). With ThinkFun Zingo children count, add numbers, acquire a number sense and recognize the spelling of the numbers. Zingo consists in matching numbered tiles to images on cards. Both parents and children can enjoy this fun matching cards game.

Laptop computers for children can also teach children counting. For example, the Vtech Tote and Go Pink Laptop (for ages 3-7) teaches children to count, add and subtract numbers, and also teaches them their ABCs. The toy looks just like the laptop mom and dad use and engage children in many counting and learning activities. Another thing that we like about this toy is that it is very durable.

We also highly recommend the Count and Learn Math Desk (ages 3-7). This toy teaches children how to count and make operations. It has an electronic screen on which children can write and draw numbers. The toy asks questions like: "find the number bigger than 6" or "what comes after 12?". It also has more advanced modes for older children. This toy is ideal if you are interested in your child acquiring early mathematical skills and a general interest in numbers. Overall, a really amazing educational electronic toy.

Some of the activities ideas on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you have an activity idea to add involving counting, take a moment and submit it here. Share your experience and tell us how you taught your child how to count. We will review it and you'll be taking part in creating the web's ultimate resource for activities ideas that both parents and children can enjoy.

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