Games To Practice Multiplication And Division

Fun dice games to practice multiplication and division

There are many fun dice games that you can get that can help kids practice multiplication and division. For example, dice games such as Yahtzee or the Farkle dice game (for ages 8-12). Farkle is an old game that was played in Iceland and England some 700 years ago. Players throw (up to six) dice and score points depending on the dice combination or on whether or not they decide to continue throwing the remaining dice. The game involves a bit of luck and strategy and a lot of adding and multiplying! It is a dice game that the whole family can enjoy.

Math activities

Take a look also at our fun math activities to practice multiplication and division such as Math Race and Tic Tac Toe. There require only pencils, paper and a calculator (for Tic Tac Toe only) and you can download them for free. You should also print out our printable multiplication tables. They can be used not only for these activities but also to play other math games.

math 24 card game

Math 24 card game

Math 24 card game

Math 24 (ages 9 and up) is a game that has received a lot of positive reviews from both parents and teachers. The game has even been used in the classroom by school teachers. Math 24 is a card game that helps kids practice basic mathematic facts and mental math. The objective of the game is to come up with the number 24. Players have to use four integers (number 1 up to number 9) and addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division in order to achieve this objective. There are other versions of the game focused on fractions and decimals, integers, algebra / exponents.

By the way, for games related to fractions visit our fraction games page.

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