Medieval Life book

medieval life book


•  The Medieval Life book is packed with information and engaging images.
•  Contains a CD and a poster.

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Medieval Life DK Eyewitness review

Medieval Life by DK Eyewitness Books (ages 8 and above) is a book that also contains a CD and a poster (for the child's bedroom). It is easy to read, packed with information and it covers medieval times from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance. It gives children an idea of what life was like in the countryside but also in the cities and how society was divided (between the nobles and peasants). The illustrations and photos are engaging and the book contains lots of interesting facts about clothing, weapons, music, buildings, etc in the Middle Ages.

Skills developed: medieval history

By reading this engaging book, children learn about the medieval times from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance. The book can also be used for studying and to complete essays at school.

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