Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart

magnetic responsibility chart for kids


•  With the Melissa & Doug magnetic responsibility chart, children learn to become organized.
•  Magnetic board indicates chores.

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Melissa & Doug magnetic responsibility chart review

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart includes a dry erase board and 90 magnets with behaviors and rewards. Responsibilities include: get ready for bed, make the bed, take a bath, brush teeth, clean the table, pick up toys, get dressed, say please, say thank you, empty dishwasher, put clothes in the laundry room, take care of the pet, do the homework. It also has two blank magnets that you can use to write your own chores, which is very useful. Like many Melissa and Doug products, it is high quality and great value for money which is another reason why we recommend this product.

Skills developed: learning to become organized

With this magnetic responsibility chart toy, children learn to become organized, a skill that will help them throughout their lives.

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