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Leapfrog Learning DVD Set

Learning DVDs for kids are a great way for preschool children to learn things such as the alphabet, how to count, etc all while watching a fun DVD. The DVDs usually feature fun characters and stories that children enjoy. They are also educational and teach preschool children their ABCs, to recognize numbers and to count and many other skills. We have selected some DVDs that we believe are among the best that you can get. Some of them have received many awards and are used at schools by teachers. Therefore, if you are looking for DVDs that can help children learn, look no further.

Recommended learning DVDs for kids

Leapfrog is a well-known educational toys brand and it has a DVD set that we recommend. The Learning DVD Set (for ages 3-6) is a set that teaches preschoolers how to count, recognize letters and the sounds that they make and how to build sentences with words. The DVD is very entertaining and features frog characters that go through various adventures and experiences that are similar to what a preschooler would experience. For example: the first day at school, visit at a words' factory, etc.

Another DVD set that we recommend is the Preschool Prep Series: Sight Words Pack (for ages 3-6). It was won numerous awards (Scholastic Instructor Magazine named it the best DVD for learning sight words) and it is even used in many schools throughout the US. This is an animated educational DVD that teaches children to master sight words (meaning that they can recognize key words without the need to decipher them). The videos are also very entertaining and capture children's attention.

Another learning DVD for kids that we like is WordWorld: Welcome to WordWorld (also for ages 3-6). It is another DVD set that won many awards. Word World is set in a beautiful world with lush vegetation, animals, farms, lakes, etc. Children learn to spell the name of animals (dog, frog, bear, pig, duck, sheep,etc). There are many episodes and adventures revolving around funny animal characters and spelling words (and the sounds words make) that preschoolers can thoroughly enjoy.

The DVD sets can be kept forever and can be used by other children as preschoolers reach school age. They can also be enjoyed by parent as the adventures are very entertaining. Overall, a must have in your DVD collection.

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