Kids Tennis

Tennis is a great sports. Kids tennis is also an intense sports that helps children exercise as it involves a lot of running back and forth, accelerating and jumping. Scientists around the world agree that tennis is one of the healthiest sports. And it has been proven to increase energy in kids.
Tennis also helps children build up their leg, arm and hand muscles and bone strength which is important as they grow up.

Tennis requires a lot of skill. By playing tennis, kids develop hand-eye and body coordination, balance, agility and alertness. Because it requires a lot of skill, tennis also teaches children patience and discipline.

Tennis is a one-on-one sports. For this reason, it teaches kids to compete with an opponent and develop good sportsmanship.

In order to play tennis we recommend that you get good equipment. That includes balls, a tennis racket, tennis shoes and a tennis cap. If you buy a cheap racket, your kid won't enjoy and learn tennis the way he or she should.

You can easily find tennis courts at school and you can even create your own tennis court by buying a portable tennis net. We like the Le Petit Tennis Portable Tennis Net. It is actually designed for children under 10. What we like about it is that it is very light, easily portable and easy to snap together. It is 18 feet wide (which is the official length for youth tennis) and its height can be adjusted.

The net is very good quality and can easily be carried around. It comes with a bag and set up instructions. Overall a great quality product at a reasonable price.

Make sure you take into account your child's age when you choose the racket. For children ages 5 to 7, you should get a 21-inch racket. for children ages 8-10, you should get a 25-inch racket. For children ages 10-12, you should buy a 26-inch racket. For ages 12 and up, get an adult racket (27-27 3/4 inches).

You should also buy a good quality tennis racket. A racket that is light and easy to contro. Fortunately you can buy tennis rackets online for less than $80. We recommend the Prince Tour 25 tennis racket (ages 8 -10). You can also buy the Prince Tour 26 tennis racket for children ages 10-12. The racket is mad eof graphite. We like it because it is easy to control, has good power and delivers nice sensations. Furthermore, Prince is a recognized industry brand name when it comes to rackets.

Make sure that you also get good quality tennis balls. Meaning balls that are durable and that rebound well. Prince also has good tennis balls that you can use with the rackets. It also has various tennis accessories (including tennis caps).

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