Kids Soccer

Soccer (and kids soccer) may not be the number one sports in America but it is the most popular sports around the world! It is also becoming increasingly popular in America. There are more and more children in the US playing soccer and more and more local youth soccer leagues being created.

Soccer is a good sports for kids because it is fun, because it is a team sports and because it helps children exercise. Soccer involves a lot of running. A soccer field is over 100 yards long. In one single game, kids may run miles without even realizing it.

Soccer is a team sports and it helps children develop social skills as they play with other children. Kids have to communicate effectively with other teammates in order to win the game. And they have to play in a team, meaning that the team has to pursue a common goal which is to win the game.

Soccer can be played literary anywhere and by anyone. You don't need soccer goals and you don't need to be in a soccer field in order to play soccer. That's maybe one of the reasons why it is so popular around the world. Even poor kids can play soccer. And you don't need to be tall or big in order to play soccer.

Furthermore, kids soccer is a relatively safe sports which cannot be said about American football or baseball. That's the reason why you don't need any protective gear like a helmet unlike other sports.

What do you need in order to play soccer? The most basic is a soccer ball. Then you need soccer cleats, a soccer jersey, shorts and socks. Then a soccer goal is great to have and for practice a soccer rebounder so that your kid can practice shooting the ball.

Let's start with the most basic: a soccer ball. You might be tempted to buy a really cheap ball but we recommend that you can a ball that is good quality. Firstly a better quality soccer ball will have a better feel. And Secondly, a good ball will be more durable whether you play on grass or on asphalt. Cheap balls don't last long especially if you play on asphalt.

adidas soccer ball
Price: $17.87
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports
We recommend the Adidas Glider Soccer Ball. This ball is very durable and has a nice touch and feel. It also has neon patches which is very useful if you play in the evening as it is easy to spot.

Getting soccer cleats is not 100% necessary. You can play soccer with regular athletic shoes. However soccer cleats are nice to have. Soccer cleats help children keep their feet firmly on the ground especially if they play on grass. Soccer offer good heel and toe support. Both Adidas and Nike make good soccer cleats.

Having a soccer goal is not mandatory as we previously pointed out. However having one or even two makes playing soccer a lot more fun!

If you want to get a soccer goal that is as close to the real thing as possible and at a reasonable price, we recommend the Franklin Tournament Soccer Goal. The size is 12 ft high, 5 ft deep and 6 ft high, so it is full size.

What we like about it is that it is durable and stable unlike other soccer goals that you can buy (actually it is a common problem with goals, the lack of stability). It is also easy to assemble which is another plus and it looks great!
franklin soccer goal
Price: $159.99
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports

franklin soccer rebounder
Price: $79.99
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports
Another great item to have if you play kids soccer is a soccer rebounder. A rebounder is great to have if you want to practice your shooting and if you want to practice alone.

Franklin Sports also has a rebounder that we highly recommend. It is 6 ft wide and 4 ft high (not small) and it is adjustable meaning that you can adjust it so that balls are returned in various directions. The product is very durable, we believe great value for the money and one of the best rebounders around.

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