Kids Basketball

Basketball is a fun sports. And what's great about kids basketball is that you don't need too much space to play (unlike other sports like football, soccer or baseball) and you can easily find basketball courts almost anywhere.

Furthermore, kids can practice on their own and just have fun shooting baskets. By the way, kids usually need shorter rims from 6 to 8 feet high (noting that the professional rim height is 10 feet while the rim must be 18 inches).

Basketball is also quite an intensive sports as it involves running, jumping, dribbling, throwing and catching the ball. It also requires precision, flexibility and good coordination.

It is also a team sports which helps children develop social skills and good sportsmanship. Starting from the age of 7, kids can start to learn and follow the rules of basketball and can play in a team.

Another great aspect of basketball is that unlike other sports it requires little equipment. All you need is a basketball, a hoop and basketball shoes (for ankle protection).

When choosing the ball, make sure that you are choosing the right size. If the ball is too large, it may not fit in your child's hands. That's why there is no reason or benefit in buying an adult size basketball.


Price: $9.97
Age: 7 and up
Skill: sports
You should also make sure that the ball is made of rubber (not leather like footballs) and that it is durable. A basketball that we recommend is the NBA Street Basketball by Spalding. What we like about the ball is that it offers a good grip, a good bounce and it is very durable being designed for street play. It also has the NBA logo and it is great value for money.

The ball comes in different sizes. Make sure you choose the right size when ordering it (choose the right option on Amazon) keeping in mind that the official size is 7. Note: a size 5 kids basketball is for children ages 7-9 while a size 6 basketball is for children ages 9-12 (and for women). A size 7 basketball is for children ages 13 and above and for adult males.

A basketball hoop is also necessary if you play basketball and can't find a basketball court in your area. When choosing a portable hoop, make sure that it can stand firmly on the ground and that it doesn't fall easily. This is actually a common problem with basketball hoops.

Also pick one that is adjustable so that you can adjust the hoop's height keeping in mind that 6 feet high is a good height for 7 year old children and that if it is too high it might become frustrating (don't forget that children are shorter than adults and therefore the hoop should be lower).

One hoop that we recommend is the Youth Portable Basketball System by Lifetime. It has a base that you can fill with water so that it stays firmly on the ground. The product is very good quality, very sturdy and can withstand all kinds of weather and heavy duty playing.

It is adjustable (from 5.5 to 7.5 ft high) and the rim is 15 inches (versus 18 inches for professional rims). It is also very easy to put together.

We also really like the look of it. Overall a very good product that is also good value for money considering that hoops can easily fetch $300.
basketball hoop 2
Price: $79.79
Age: 7 and up
Skill: sports

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