Science Wiz Inventions Science Kit

inventions science kit


•  Inventions science kit where kits build famous inventions.
•  Kids learn about fundamental scientific concepts while having fun.
•  Award-winning science kit.

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Science Wiz Inventions Science Kit review

This science kit is a great way to get kids interested in science and physics! This kit is focused on famous inventions. Kids build a motor, a telegraph, a radio and more, and learn about all the science behind these inventions in the process. It is designed for ages 8 an above but we believe that even adults can enjoy it.

The Science Wiz kits have won numerous awards. The inventions kit has even been used at universities such as MIT, Berkeley, etc. By the way, science Wiz has other popular kits focused on electricity, chemistry, physics and more.

The kit contains clear instructions containing images and all the materials needed to work on the various projects. We recommend adult supervision when working on the inventions. Even though the instructions are clear and the images are helpful, they could be more detailed. The instructions require carefully following all the steps, otherwise the inventions will not work.

What we like also about the instructions is that they also teach about the scientific concepts behind all the inventions. The kit is therefore truly educational.

The inventions are truly amazing once completed. Kids experience the feeling that famous inventors felt when for example the first telegraph or the first electric motor was invented. This kit is overall a great way to get children to develop a passion for science and to get them interested in various science subjects taught in elementary school.

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