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History video games are fun and educational as they usually introduce real historical characters and cover real historical events. Players can learn about famous Emperors or Kings or battles that changed the course of history.

Today's video games have impressive graphics that can really take players back in time. Players get an idea of what it was like to live in ancient times or in medieval times or in 19th century America. History video games can also inspire children and encourage them to learn more about a specific period in history.

For example, if they play a Civil War game, they will want to learn more about the Civil War and look for information on the internet or in a children's encyclopedia. Another example would be them playing a game that takes place in Ancient Rome and having them wanting to learn more about Ancient Rome and the Ancient World.

Parents do not always realize it but video games can sometimes be a good way to make children interested in history.
oregon trail

Oregon Trail video game

There are many games with a history theme in the market and some are more educational than others. One that we really recommend is Oregon Trail. Oregon Trail is a truly educational game. It was actually designed by a professor in American studies and therefore gives a true picture of what life was like in 19th century America. In the game, players have to move West to Oregon (like many settlers back which were moving to the greener state) and face many challenges along the way. The game is very popular which is a reason why we recommend it and can be run on your computer on Windows.

Other video games for older children (12 and up) that we recommend include Rome Total War which takes place in ancient Rome and Making History: The Calm and The Storm. The Calm and The Storm game covers World War II, has amazing graphics, involves strategy and is educational. Actually Newsweek even wrote an article about it saying that it is being used in over a hundred schools in America in order to teach World War II!

The History Channel also has quite a few video games that have an educational value. The graphics are usually quite good and the games quite realistic. Players learn about various historical periods or events such as the Civil War, World War II (for example, the Battle of Britain, war in the Pacific), Ancient Rome, medieval times, etc. Being partly designed by the History Channel, they are accurate. The games run on many platforms (Nintendo, Playstation, PC). Make sure that you choose the right platform.

Another advantage of these games is that they can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

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