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We have selected a list of history books for kids and world history dictionaries that are enjoyable to read and that teach about history. These books contain engaging illustrations and pictures that get kids interested in learning about history. There are books covering American history and teaching about events such as the Civil War or the American War of Independence. There are books about ancient history including the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. Children get to learn about the Great Pyramids, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek philosophers and scientists or Roman engineering. There are also books covering medieval history. Some of these books include posters that children can hang on their bedroom wall and CDs with extra pictures and information.

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11Children's Encyclopedia of American History

This children's encyclopedia focuses on US history and is packed with information, maps, beautiful pictures and starts from 1000 A.D. to today.


A Dictionary of World History

This dictionary has over 700 pages of world history going from prehistory to modern times and contains lots of interesting history facts including key events in history.


American Story: 100 True Tales from American History

This book covers 400 years of US history told through 100 tales.


DK Eyewitness Civil War

This book contains lots of information, images and interesting facts about the Civil War and comes with a CD and a chart.


A History of US

A History of US contains 11 volumes that cover the entire history of the US.


11DK Eyewitness Ancient Egypt

This educational book is filled with information and beautiful illustrations of Ancient Egypt and comes with a CD and a poster.


Kids Everything Ancient Egypt

This book contains lots of fascinating facts about Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs, the Book of the Dead and daily life back then.


DK Eyewitness Ancient Greece

This illustrated book covers Ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to the time of Alexander the Great and comes with a CD containing images.


Tools of the Ancient Greeks

This book focuses on ancient Greek inventions and incredible scientific achievements.


11DK Eyewitness Ancient Rome

This easy to read book is full of illustrations and information about Ancient Rome. It also comes with a CD and a poster.


Tools of the Ancient Romans

This book covers 1,000 years of Roman history and is focused on the technology used by the Romans and their scientific achievements.


A Medieval Feast

A Medieval Feast tells the beautiful story of a lord and lady and their servants preparing the manor for the King's arrival.


DK Eyewitness Medieval Life

This book is packed with information about medieval times, contains hundreds of interesting illustrations and comes with a CD and a poster.


The Middle Ages: An Illustrated History

This book full of illustrations, photos, documents and maps covers 1,000 of history from the sacking of Rome to the end of the 15th century.


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