Fur & Feathers: Educational family board game made in the USA!

by Jocelyn

Learn about animals!

Learn about animals!

Jocelyn from California tells us about this new family board game called Furs&Feathers. The game teaches both children and the adults playing with them about how our everyday choices affect the lives of domestic and farm animals.

Fur & Feathers (for ages 6 and up) allows children to save animals, as it features an animal shelter where the player rescues a cat or dog, a farm and a little café that offers healthy food choices. There are 50 multiple choice facts that teach them about the importance of adoption, taking care of their pets, fun facts about farm animals, leather alternatives and more! It is a very positive game (no "lose a turn" or negative consequences) and it teaches counting, reading, comprehension, game play strategy, as well as compassion.

This game was produced with the environment in mind, as it was invented, illustrated, printed and assembled in the USA (the pawns, die & spinners were imported from the UK).

Furthermore, fifteen percent of the game proceeds goes directly to local animal rescue sites and sanctuaries.

Please read Jocelyn's comments on Furs&Feathers here!!

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