Farkle Dice Game



•  The Farkle dice game is an entertaining math game.
•  Kids practice addition and multiplication.
•  Both children and adults can play.

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Farkle dice game review

The Farkle dice game (ages 8 and up) is very entertaining game that can be played in a large group. Kids improve their mathematical skills as they have to run additions and multiplications in their head. Farkle also involves a bit of strategy and even teaches kids about the principles of probability. Actually some find Farkle to be an even better dice game than Yatzee. Children and adults can play the game together as the game can become challenging even for adults.

A little bit of history

Farkle is said to have been played in Iceland over 700 years ago. It was also being played in England back in Shakespeare’s times. It has however been marketed since 1982 and it also been called and it is similar to Greed, Hot Dice and Squelch.

Farkle game rules

Farkle includes 6 standard six sided dice, a cup for shaking the dice, a board on which you throw the dice, paper and a pencil. It can be played by two or more players noting that the more the players there are, the more enjoyable the game is. Each player takes turns throwing the dice from a cup. At the beginning of each turn, the player throws all of the dice from the cup (6 dice). After each throw, one or more scoring dice has to be set aside. The player then decides to either end his turn and bank the score or continue to throw the remaining dice.

Each player’s turn results in a score which can reach up to a winning total of 10,000. Each 1 is worth 100 points (5: 50 points), three 1s are worth 1000 points and three of a kind are worth 100 times their number. The first player that reaches 10,000 wins the game. A player “farkles” if none of the dice score in any given throw. At this point you shout “Farkle” if someone doesn’t score. And if a player rolls a Farkle three times in a row, he loses 1,000 points from his accumulated score (a player can even get a negative score).

The Farkle dice game that we recommend is the one called Farkle The Classic Dice-Rolling, Risk-Taking Game. The game comes with score pads. It also contains instructions and rules so you don’t have to look them up on the internet. It is also very cheap and definitely worth the price.

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