Electronic Pianos for Kids

Electronic pianos for kids are fun and they can teach kids music. Pianos are an excellent way to teach music theory to children. Actually most musicians learn to play the piano as a first or second musical instrument.

A piano is great to have at home. You can play all kinds of pieces from classical music to jazz to contemporary music. A piano can also easily accompany many other musical instruments. For example, there are pieces for piano and clarinet or for piano and violin.

The piano is a difficult instrument. It kind of requires having "two brains" as you have to play with both hands and read two lines at the same time. However, it is easier to approach than say the violin. Even younger children can strike a few notes on the keyboard and have fun learning music.

casio electronic piano
Age: 8 and up
Skill: music

Casio CTK-2100 review

  • 61 keys, 400 different tones, 150 rhythms.
  • Comes with headphones, a stand and power supply.
  • Can be connected to CD or MP3 player.
As a first step, you can start with an electronic piano. Electronic pianos sound great and require no tuning at home (acoustic pianos require tuning every six months). The Casio CTK-2100 is a great choice for children that begin to play the piano. It has 61 keys and comes with headphones, a stand and a power supply. It has a wide range of functions including 400 different tones, 150 rhythms and accompaniments.

You can even connect a CD or MP3 player to practice along a favorite song. This product is great overall but you should get the Casio adapter separately for best results(rather than use the generic adapter provided here). This will cost you an extra $10 but it will avoid you the headache of having an adaptor that does not function perfectly.

casio privia piano
Age: 8 and up
Skill: music

Casio Privia PX-150 review

  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Great look
  • Has pedals like a real piano.
  • Offers many sounds.
The Casio Privia is the closest that you can get to a real piano. It looks great and it has pedals just like classic pianos. Thanks to Casio's award winning sound technology, the sound quality is amazing. There are many other features that we like: the fact that if offers the sounds of other instruments such as strings, bass and organs.

We also like the fact that the keyboard can be split in two. Two people can play together at the same time (for example, the student and the teacher). There is even a recorder that allows you to record whatever you play on the piano. An instructional book is also provided. Overall, an amazing electronic piano that you can order at a reasonable price online considering the fact that it is often sold at a much higher price in retail music stores.

Casio CTK-2100
May different tones
Ability to connect to MP3 player
Generic adapter
Casio Privia PX-150
Sound quality
Various modes and Online price

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