Educational Video Games (Ages 5-8)

In this section, we offer you a selection of educational video games for children ages 6-8. Educational computer games can help kids learn many new skills. They can teach reading, numbers and counting. They can enhance children’s vocabulary and even teach them foreign languages! With educational video games, kids learn or improve their skills while they play.

Video games for reading

reader rabbit phonicsFor reading video games, we recommend Reader Rabbit by The Learning Company. There is the Reader Rabbit Learn to Read With Phonics (ages 3-6) and the Reader Rabbit I Can Read With Phonics (ages 6-8).

These educational computer games are even used at preschool and kindergartens and they usually receive high reviews. With Reader Rabbit kids follow an exciting adventure and learn new vocabulary and word recognition, enhance spelling and comprehension through a phonics program. The graphics are beautiful and the game can keep kids entertained and focused for hours.

big read dog readingFor reading video games, we also recommend Jumpstart Phonics (ages 3-6). It is another of the educational computer games that teaches phonics skills and that help enhance reading skills. It has voice recognition technology and children receive feedback as speak phonetic sounds.

In the Clifford The Big Red Dog Reading from Scholastic (ages 5-8), children explore Clifford’s fun-filled neighborhood. The game contains 7 levels that introduce kids to new letters, words and sounds. Children also get to read books on the screen. The game is easy to navigate, entertaining and kids can easily play it by themselves.

mias reading adventureFinally, we recommend Mia’s Reading Adventure: The Search For Grandma’s Remedy (ages 5-8). In this game, kids participate in an exciting learning adventure with Mia the mouse in a beautiful and captivating 3D world. Kids solve the challenges and in the process learn new vocabulary, and how to to read and recognize words.

Video games for math

personalized math deluxeReader Rabbit also has educational video games, focused on recognizing numbers, counting and adding and subtracting. One game that we recommend is the Reader Rabbit Personalized Math Deluxe (ages 4-7). The game includes 4 levels, multiple rides and 50 printable activities. A great game that can improve children’s number skills.

A more advanced math video game is the Reader Rabbit Math Adventure (ages 6-9). In this game, kids explore Pirate Island with Reader Rabbit, Sam the Lion and Penelope the Parrot. The game contains many activities with different levels of difficulty. Children learn adding, subtracting and fractions, they acquire money skills, and learn to read time.

math missionsAnother math video game, is Math Missions (ages 5-8) by Scholastic. This game blends real-world challenges with arcade style entertainment. It basically shows kids that math is all around us by making them deal with different real life problems.

Jumpstart also has a video game called Jumpstart Study Helpers Math Booster (ages 6-8). The game is a little more advanced than the previous one, thus it my not be appropriate for younger children. One great feature of this game, is that you can program your own math problems from school and the software take you through it through a game.

mias math adventureFinally, a highly recommended award-winning game, is Mia’s Math Adventure (ages 6-10). The game has beautiful 3D graphics and animations. It contains 4 levels and solid pedagogical content that concentrates on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, equations, geometry, multipliers, etc.

Educational video games, can also help kids learn foreign languages, please visit our educational video games that teach foreign languages section!

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