Easy Learning Games

by Theresea Hughes

Spelling Word Bingo

Some children find Spelling to be a real drag. Bringing out their spelling sheet night after night becomes a boring chore. Using this easy learning game will encourage your child as much looking forward to the challenge; it?s a fun way to learn those new words. Invite your child?s class mates to play spelling word bingo, it?s a great learning game and heaps of fun. So, let?s give it a go!

What You Will Need:

? Spelling homework list (From School)

? Cardboard

? Marking Pens, Ruler

What To Do:

Rule up a couple of boards; dividing the board into ten word columns. Using words from the newest spelling list make some matching word cards with extra cardboard.
You start by yelling out the words, each player places different coloured marking pen on the correct word.

The player who matches all the words is the winner and gets a small treat. Now take the boards away, and call out the words to see how well they have learnt.

Playing spelling word bingo with the kids will help them learn their spelling in a really interesting and exciting way. The spelling homework is now an enjoyable time of their day

Match The Time

Age 8+

Children have to learn to tell the time from analogue clocks, digital and written time. This match the time game is simple and easy for your child to learn. This activity also helps with their mathematical skills, while having fun at the same time.

You Will Need:

? Analogue Clock ( Clock or watch with a conventional round face)

? Digital Clock

? Paper and Pencil

What To Do:

Show your children how time is written eg, 4:20, and then also show them what it looks like on analogue and a digital. Draw some circles on paper and put in the hours. This will represent the analogue clocks.

Draw some rectangles to represent the digital clocks. Next, write a list of times, eg, 4:30, 7:20, 8:48, and so on. Now your children need to show you these times on both the analogue and digital drawings. It?s an easy way to learn the time, giving your children a better understanding of the different ways to tell the time.

Enjoy these fun and great learning games

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