Dinosaur Computer Games

Dinosaur computer games are fun and they can also have an educational value for children. Children love dinosaurs. They are fascinated by these large extinct creatures that use to roam the earth millions of years ago.

Children usually develop an interest in dinosaurs when they reach school age (around the age of 6). As they become interested, they learn the complicated scientific names and get acquainted with various dinosaur facts. They gain knowledge of which dinosaurs where plant eaters (herbivores) and which were meat eaters (carnivores).

Actually young children begin learning about science through dinosaurs. Dinosaurs can introduce children to subjects such as biology and paleontology. They can also make kids become interested in visiting natural history museums.

If you have to choose a video game we recommend computer games with dinosaurs. Not only do kids love dinosaur video games, but these games can help them memorize the different dinosaurs names such as the T-Rex (abbreviation for Tyrannosaurus Rex, translation: tyrant lizard king). Moreover, these games are usually very realistic, kids can visualize the dinosaurs, learn their names, learn about their habitat and lots of scientific facts.

Some good dinosaur computer games

jurassic park cartoon One dinosaur computer game that we recommend is the Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. In this game kids design a dinosaur theme park, learn about DNA and fossils, look for research material with the help of archaeologists. The dinosaurs look very realistic and the graphics are amazing. Children get to watch dinosaurs behavior and how they interact with each other. They also learn the difference between herbivores and carnivores and how herbivores have a very different behavior from carnivores.

dinosaur hunter cartoonAnother great dinosaur video game is Dinosaur Hunter (ages 7 and up). In this game children visit a museum and learn lots of information on 50 different species of dinosaurs. They also learn about famous paleontologists and their discoveries and dinosaurs anatomy through X-ray panels. They can even chart the evolution of dinosaurs going back 200 million years. The 3D graphics are amazing and we highly recommend this game.

museum cartoonAnother video game that we recommend is Escape the Museum 2 (previous version is Escape the Museum). For all ages and adults, it is not exactly a dinosaur video game. However the game takes place in a Museum of Natural History and is about hidden objects and puzzles and can challenge children’s brain.

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