Dinosaur Books for Kids

Children love dinosaurs and dinosaur books for kids. They are fascinated by these large creatures that used to roam the Earth. What’s good about dinosaur books is first that it can get a child to spend time reading a book. Secondly, these books are also about paleontology, biology and science. Children get to find out how the Earth was like hundreds of millions of years ago. Therefore, they can also get children interested in science and learning.

national geographic ultimate dinopedia
Price: $14.95
Age: 4-8
Skill: science

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

  • Stunning illustrations
  • Lots of information about dinos
  • Designed for younger children
National Geographic has great dinosaur books designed for children that contain beautiful illustrations and that are also packed with information. For younger children (ages 4-8), we recommend the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs. The illustrations in this book are stunning (sometimes covering two pages at a time). The book also contains plenty of information about dinos that is easy for a child below the age of 8 to understand, including the dinosaurs’ names and interesting facts.

national geographic ultimate dinopedia
Price: $24.95
Age: 7-10
Skill: science

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia

  • Dinosaur encyclopedia
  • Organized by periods
  • Amazing illustrations
For older children (ages 7-10), we recommend the National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia. This dinosaur’s encyclopedia is organized by periods (for example, Triassic, Jurassic, etc) so that children can understand and learn the various periods of the age of the dinosaurs and how dinos evolved. The difference vs. the previous book is that it contains more detailed information and almost all the species of dinosaurs that ever lived (distinguishing plant eaters, meat eaters and flying dinos). There is also interesting information about how we discovered dinosaurs and how we know all the things that we know about them today. The illustrations are also amazing.

the dinosaur museum
Price: $19.95
Age: 6-10
Skill: science

The Dinosaur Museum

  • Children become paleotonlogists
  • Book contains charts and drawers
An ever more advanced book on dinos is The Dinosaur Museum again by National Geographic (for ages 6-10), recommended for kids who want to learn more about dinosaurs. With this book, children become paleontologists. They enter a museum and look at fossils, plants, use a microscope to analyze specimens, identify dinos and compare their size to that of modern animals. The book contains charts, flaps (the drawers used to look at fossils) and is very generally very interactive.

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