Concentration and Memory Games

Concentration and memory games: Snap, Spoons and Go Fish

Concentration and memory games help develop memory and concentration. Learning to concentrate and to have a sharp mind are things that children can learn by playing fun card games such as Snap, Spoons and Go Fish. Snap (ages 5 and up) is a card game that promotes thinking and decision making skills. This card game is even used by teachers in some elementary schools in order to help children develop their concentration and thinking skills. It is also a game that the whole family can enjoy!

Spoons (ages 7 - 11) also known as Pig and Tongue is a fast-paced matching game played with an ordinary pack of playing cards and several ordinary kitchen spoons . There are games that you can also purchase online which include cards, spoons and instructions. The game requires kids to stay focused and have a sharp mind and helps develop concentration and memory.


Spoons card game

In Spoons, four cards are distributed to each player (up to ten players can play). Each player's objective is to be the first in the round to have four of a kind or not to be the last to grab a spoon. When a player has four cards of a kind, he or she places one spoon in front of him / herself. When a spoon is take, all the other players attempt to get the remaining spoons. The last player to grab a spoon is the looser.

The game requires players to remained focused and remember their opponents' cards (which enhances memorization skills). Even though it is designed for ages 7 - 11, we believe that even adults can enjoy this game which makes Spoons a great family game!

The Go Fish card game is a game that even preschool / kindergarten kids can play (it is designed for ages 3 and up). It is also a memory and concentration game. Players have to remember what cards other players have which enhances their memorization skills. The rules of the game are fairly simple, that's why even younger children can play. The objective is to collect sets of four matching cards. When a player collects four matching cards, he or she puts them on the table face up. The winner of Go Fish is the first person with no cards left on his or her hand.

Besides their educational value (as they help children learn to concentrate and memorize cards), all of these games are great family games as both adults and children can enjoy them. They are easy to carry around therefore they can also make great travel games. br>

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