Civil War Documentaries

Civil war documentaries are a great way to learn about the Civil War. Whether you are a history buff or you are looking for an educational DVD that you can watch with your kid, there are wonderful documentaries that cover this important period in US history.

Civil War documentaries contain realistic images and teach about war tactics and key battles such as Gettysburg. Viewers also get to see people's lives then and how the Civil War shaped the United States of America that we know today.
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Ken Burns Civil War

Ken Burns: The Civil War television mini-series

Ken Burns: The Civil War is probably one of the best documentaries that you can get. It was actually a very successful television mini-series that got millions of viewers interested in this period in US history and it won an Emmy Award. This documentary is great not only because it teaches about American history but also because it literally plunges viewers back in the time of the conflict that divided the nation, with images, music and narratives that evoke this era. If you think history is boring you will be amazed how engaging and captivating this documentary is.

History Channel

The History Channel also has a Civil War collection containing 15 episodes. What we like about this DVD set is that it is very educational. It teaches about key dates and key battles. It also explains in detail how battles were carried out. The other positive is how it depicts the war with very realistic images. The History Channel definitely did not scrimp on the budget to recreate the battles, the arms being used at the time, the costumes, etc.

Ken Burns
captivating documentary
evokes the Civil War era
more expensive than History Channel
History Channel
very educational
realistic images

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