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Trouble is one of our favorite children board games. It is an excellent game that focuses on counting, strategy and luck! The game can be played by children ages 6 and up.

How the game is played

Trouble has a pop-o-matic dice, clear globe with dice in the center, which when pressed rolls the dice. There are round holes where you put your color pegs (red, yellow, green, blue). The objective is to move all your pegs around the board, race to the other side and be the first to fill up the other board with your color.

Learning Skills

  • color recognition

  • fine motor skills

  • counting

  • number recognition

  • thinking skills

Why is it great?

Well for one, the game is lots of fun! You will be delighted to see your children pop on the plastic bubble to toss the dice. The game involves color recognition which is beneficial to younger children. The game practices hand-eye coordination as kids need to move the pieces in individual slots on the game board with their little hands.

There is a bit of counting in the game, ideal for your kid's counting skills. This game is also great for number recognition skills as well since a die is used instead of playing cards.

Even if it involves tossing a dice with the pop-o-matic, Trouble is not totally luck. It's one of these board games where there is some decision making involved as kids have to decide whether to move one piece at a time or keep several moving on the board.

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