Card Games for Kids

Card games for kids are simple, cheap and fun. And they can also be educational. Cheap and simple because you can just get a simple deck of cards and apply the rules of certain games. Fun because these games can be very entertaining and kids can have a good time together with friends and family. And educational because players can practice their numeracy skills and improve their math skills in no time.

Card games for kids also help kids improve their concentration and memorization skills. The traditional games that we recommend are:
  • Go Fish
  • Spoons
  • Old Maid
  • Snap

old maid card game
Price: $7.95
Age: 5 and up
Skill: math

The Old Maid

  • Fun family card game.
  • Younger children learn written numbers and letters.
  • Beautiful cards with fun characters.
  • Durable set.
The Old Maid game (ages 3 and up) helps children recognize written numbers and letters. In this game, players look at their cards and discard any pairs they have face up. Players continue to take card and to discard pairs until all players have no cards. The player left with the card that cannot be matched, the old maid, becomes the loser. We like the Eeboo Old Maid Playing Cards. The artwork on the set of cards is beautiful. It features characters such as the "Old Maid", “Firefighter Finn", and "Inspector Eyeball". The set is also very durable, made of thick cardstock (unlike other cardstocks that are paper thin) and can be kept for years.

go fish card game
Price: $6.99
Age: 3 and up
Skill: math

Go Fish

  • Helps players improve memory and concentration.
  • Durable set of cards.
  • Instructions included.
The Go Fish card game for kids (ages 3 and up) is mainly a memory and concentration game. Players improve their memorization by trying to remember what cards other players have. The objective of the game is to collect sets of four matching cards. When a player collects four matching cards, he or she puts them on the table face up. The winner of Go Fish is the first person with no cards left on his or her hand. One set of cards that we recommend is the Peacable Kingdom Go Fish Card Game. The cards contain beautiful artwork (each card is a sea animal) and the game set includes instructions for a simple game and a challenging game.

spoons card game
Price: $14.99
Age: 7-11
Skill: math


  • Fast-paced matching game.
  • Helps players work on their concentration.
  • Played with cards and spoons.
The Spoons game also known as Pig and Tongue (ages 7 and up) is a fast paced matching game played with an ordinary pack of playing cards and several ordinary kitchen spoons. It requires kids to stay focused and have a sharp mind. Spoons is played in multiple rounds by up to 10 players. Each player’s objective is to be the first in the round to have 4 of a kind or not to be the last to grab a spoon. When a spoon is take, all the other players attempt to get the remaining spoons.

snap card game
Price: $8.0
Age: 5 and up
Skill: math


  • Card game that promotes thinking and decision making skills.
  • Used by teachers.
  • Oversized cards for younger children.
Snap (ages 5 and up) is a great family game that enhances observation, thinking and decision making skills. Snap is even used by teachers in some elementary schools because they promote thinking. We recommend the Eeboo Snap Playing Cards, mainly because the cards are durable and contain beautiful illustrations. Furthermore, the card are over-sized and are easy for kids to hold and read.

math 24
Price: $10.99
Age: 9 and up
Skill: math

Math 24

  • Players practice basic mathematic facts.
  • Suitable for grades 3 to 5.
  • Fun game.
We also recommend Math 24. Math 24 is suitable for students in grades 3, 4, and 5. Students not only practice basic mathematics facts, they become adept at mental math, communicating mathematically, validating their thinking, and recognizing multiple ways to solve problems.

The added benefit of course is that all this thinking and problem solving is disguised as a game. Watch your kids math scores improve gradually.

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