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A calendar for kids is great to have at home. Having a calendar helps preschool children learn the days of the week, the months of the year and how to read a calendar. Learning to determine today’s date also helps children become more organized. By the way, we also recommend that you take a look at our time telling toys and chore charts that help kids become more organized.

Calendars have other benefits. They can also help preschoolers acquire pre-reading skills and to recognize numbers (and learn their order) by reading the dates, days and months. A calendar for kids usually works with magnets meaning that children can change the date every morning when they wake up and set the day, date, month and year. Some calendars also indicate the season and the weather (for example: foggy, cloudy, sunny). For example, kids can use the calendar to switch the date to “23rd February 2012, Cloudy, Winter”. Children’s calendars can also brighten your little one’s bedroom.

magnetic my first learning calendar

Magnetic My First Learning Calendar

Calendar for kids comparison

Magnetic My First Learning Calendar (ages 3 and up) is a calendar that children love playing with. This magnetic calendar works with magnetic squares used for the days, months, dates and even for the seasons and the weather. For example, it could indicate today’s date as: “14 February 2012, Sunny, Winter”. On the downside, the calendar is not as big as those being used in schools, but it’s a small downside considering that it is designed mainly to be used at home.

The other calendar that we like is Alma's Designs Today Is (ages 3-5). It has a different colorful design that you might prefer. It teaches not only the dates, days, and months of the year but just like the previous calendar it also shows the weather (6 kinds of weather) and seasons. However, unlike the previous calendar it is not magnetic and uses Velcro. Overall, it is another great way for children to learn to tell the date and acquire counting and pre-reading skills.

Magnetic My First Learning Calendar
very sturdy
uses magnets
also indicates weather
Alma's Designs Today Is
great colorful design
indicates weather
not magnetic

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