Ancient Rome for Kids

There are many games with a Roman setting that can teach children about Roman history. These include Ancient Rome board games and Ancient Rome video games.

Ancient Rome board games

Board game #1: Command and Colors: Ancients. Command and Colors: Ancients is one of the best Ancient Rome games with an Ancient Rome theme (ages 13 and above, playing time: 45-90 minutes). It has won many awards including the 2006 Origins Award for Historical Board Game of the Year and the 2007 BoardGameGeek Golden Geek award. The game focuses on the period 3000 BC to 400 AD. It includes hundreds of high quality wooden blocks (for the Roman, Syracusan and Carthaginian armies and blocks representing “victory banners”), 7 plastic dice, a rule book and a scenario book.

Units are gathered on the board according to scenarios and maps included in the scenario book. Players are dealt command cards and they take turns playing their cards (which can order units to conduct combat). Depending on how the player handles his command cards (i.e. his units, weapons), he wins until he has earned a specified number of victory banners for each scenario. The game is great because it allows kids to learn about ancient battles (e.g. Hannibal’s battle against Ancient Roman armies). And it is one of the Ancient Rome games that both adults and children can enjoy and play together.
conquest of the empire game

Conquest of the Empire board game

Board game #2: The Conquest of the Empire The Conquest of the Empire (ages 6 and above), depicts the civil war in the Mediterannean during the Roman era. It is an enjoyable game and it is relatively easy to play. It include a HUGE board (so you will need a large table), army pieces, plastic money, cards and two sets of rules. Victory is determined by how the player handles his units, catapults, barbarian invasions or slave revolts and how wisely he invests his money. Kids also learn a bit about Roman history (including Latin province names) and the game inspires them to learn more about Roman history.

Board game #3: Quo Vadis. There is also Quo Vadis (ages 12 and above). In this game, players play the role of one of the patrician families. Players learn about the Roman Senate and the Roman political world. Players start at the bottom of the political ladder and move up through committees by making deals or by using Caesar’ favors.

Ancient Rome video games

Ancient Rome video games are also a great way to get immersed in the ancient world setting and they usually come with amazing graphics and realistic Roman cities depictions. One video game that we absolutely recommend is Rome: Total War. It won many awards (including the Best Strategy Game award of E3, Games Critics Awards by GameSpy). The game runs on most platforms (Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP). In this strategy game, players create and rule the Roman Republic or the Roman Empire, conquer and participate in diplomacy and wars. In the process, they learn about generals such as Caesar, Hannibal or about the famous slave Spartacus or even about the Punic Wars. We like this game because the graphics and sound effects are just AMAZING. Players get drawn in the Roman world and get a true depiction of historical events (for example: they get an idea of how sea battles looked like, or how a city walls were being demolished by the Roman army).

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