Ancient Rome Documentaries

Ancient Rome documentaries are a great way to learn about Roman history. They are educational and very entertaining and can spark an interest in Rome and ancient history. The History Channel released many documentaries covering Ancient Rome and we believe that Rise and Fall of an Empire is one of the best ones. National Geographic also produced a six-part series covering many periods of Roman history (for example, the birth of Rome, Emperor Caligula, Pompei, etc). HBO had a very popular mega-production called The Complete Series.

Documentary #1: When Rome ruled

When Rome Ruled by National Geographic is a 6-DVDs set that covers the birth of Rome, gladiators, the Vesuvius eruption and Pompei, etc, and how Rome grew to become a large empire. The documentary also gives new insights about Roman life (the documentary recreates Roman homes and life in ancient cities such as Pompei with amazing realistic images) and how so much of Ancient Rome is in Western civilization today. The documentary also includes interesting interviews of historians. On the negatives, this set does not cover the entire history of Rome.

Documentary #2: Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire

What we like about Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire is that it covers the history of Ancient Rome from the beginning (when Rome was just a small empire) to the end (when Rome faced barbarian invasions from the North and eventually collapsed). This DVD set contains four DVDs that cover historical figures such as Spartacus or Caesar or events such as the invasion of Britain and the Dacian Wars. The documentary reenacts battle scenes with breathtaking images. It also contains a bonus documentary that describes barbarian technology (weapons and technology used by barbarians to fight Rome).

Documentary #3: Rome: The Complete Series

rome tv series

Rome: The Complete Series

Finally, Rome: The Complete Series is not exactly a documentary but rather a very popular award-winning TV series which examines the history of Rome. HBO did not crimp on the budget on this production, with amazing details, great performances, lavish sets which recreate accurately life in the Roman Empire (historians were actually used to create this series). The DVD is also interactive and includes bonus material. The only negative here is that it is PG-13, therefore you should not watch it with younger children.

If after watching these documentaries, your kid develops an interest in Rome, there are also board games and video games related to the Roman Empire.

When Rome Ruled
Beautiful images
doesn't cover entire Roman history
Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire
Covers Rome's decline
Breathtaking images
Inaccuracies in the costumes
Rome: The Complete Series
Very entertaining
Beautiful images
Great detail
It's PG-13

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