Ancient Rome Books for Kids

Ancient Rome books for kids are a great way to introduce children to Roman history and get them interested in ancient times. They usually contain nice illustrations and sometimes they even come with a multimedia CD which contains information, images and even videos of Rome. We have selected two books designed for children that we believe are really engaging.

Book #1: DK Eyewitness Ancient Rome

dk eyewitness ancient rome

DK Eyewitness Ancient Rome

DK Eyewitness Books has a book called Ancient Rome which also contains a CD and a poster (for ages 8 and up). The book is well-written and easy to read and contains lots of information about the history of Rome. The illustrations and photos are captivating while the book lists many interesting facts about life in Ancient Rome (for example, the Roman dress code, what people ate, by the way, did you know that there were no tomatoes back then?). This book can also make a great gift for any kid interested in history.

Book #2: Tools of the Ancient Romans: A Kid's Guide to the History & Science of Life in Ancient Rome

Another books that we recommend is Tools of the Ancient Romans: A Kid's Guide to the History & Science of Life in Ancient Rome written by Rachel Dickinson (ages 9 and up). The book contains 144 pages and covers 1,000 years of Roman history. It is focused on the technology used by the Romans, their inventions and their science. The book also analyzes the effects and influence of Roman inventions on our society today.

Examples of inventions that the book covers include: the Roman baths, the aqueducts, the war machines Roman used (catapults), etc. The book also discusses how life was like in Rome. And it is interactive, it contains many interesting activities such as building mosaics, Roman buildings or making an abacus. The book is well-organized (contains timelines, information on the side of each page).

These books can be a great resource for teachers and can be used in the classroom. If your kid is interested in Roman history, we also recommend that you take a look at our Ancient Rome for kids page which contains information about board games and video games related to Rome. Take a look also at our Ancient Rome documentaries page.

Ancient Rome
nice illustrations
contains a CD
short texts
Tools of the Ancient Romans
focus on technology
no CD provided

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