Ancient Greece Books for Kids

Ancient Greece books for kids get children interested in the history of Greece in ancient times. Learning Greek history is important. Why? Because Western civilization has its origins in Greece. By studying Greek history, children learn about the birth of democracy, philosophy, some of the great discoveries in maths and science, architecture, etc.

It is no wonder that ancient Greek history is being taught to children at school. Even the Founding Fathers spent a lot of time studying Greek history and were influenced by the ideals of ancient Greece. We have selected two books that children can enjoy being easy to read and being filled with interesting information and beautiful images and illustrations related to Greece.

Book #1: DK Eyewitness Ancient Greece

The first book is Ancient Greece by DK Eyewitness Books (for ages 8 and above). This book also comes with a CD containing lots of colorful images. It covers Ancient Greek history from the Bronze Age to the time of Alexander the Great and topics such as what life was like in Greece for men and for women, religion (the Greek Gods and temples) and mythology, architecture, warfare, some of Greece's scientific achievements and the Olympics. The book is easy to read, transports kids back to ancient times and makes learning history really fun and interesting.
tools ancient greeks book

Tools Of The Ancient Greeks

Book #2: Tools of the Ancient Greeks

The second book that we recommend is Tools of the Ancient Greeks: A Kid's Guide to the History & Science of Life in Ancient Greece (for ages 9 and above). The book focuses on ancient Greek inventions and scientific achievements and on the way they influence our world today. For example, the book covers some of the advances in mathematics, science and medicine. The book discusses philosophy, Greek mythology, art, etc. It also contains fun quiz questions (with answers) and activities that help children learn. However it does not contain a CD like the DK Eyewitness book.

These books can be a great resource for teachers in the classroom, for parents homeschooling or for kids doing their homework.

Ancient Greece DK
beautiful images
CD provided
short texts
Ancient Greece Discovery Channel
focus on inventions
nice illustrations
no CD provided

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