American History Games

If you are interested in your child learning about US history, American history games are a great way to get your kid excited about the subject.

With these games, children learn about dramatic US events and stories. These games can also challenge children and push them to ask questions about the history of their great country.

Did you know that children with a good knowledge of history tend to do better in school? History can assist them in developing writing skills and even public speaking skills. Because learning about the past can help getting opinions and ideas across with greater clarity. It can also help them excel in fields such as law or public administration as they progress through their education.

A good understanding of American history leads to a better understanding of the country. Children comprehend the development of national institutions and trends. Learning American history also helps them develop a sense of national identity. As they find out about the victories of the American Revolutionary War, children acquire a sense of national belonging. American history games can thus tell the national story and drive home an understanding of our national values. By learning about American history, children also learn to become good citizens.

American history trivia games

One game that encourages kids to learn about the history of the United States is the Professor Noggin's History of the US (ages 7 and above). The game includes questions in the form of trivia that keep kids challenged and having fun. In the Professor Noggin’s series, we also recommend the Professor Noggin's American Revolution and the Professor Noggin's President of the US (ages 7 and above). A great way for children to test their knowledge in the American Revolution and to memorize past US Presidents.

Another fun and informative way to learn about the United States is the American Trivia Junior (ages 9 and up). This is a board game with trivia questions. But unlike most other trivia games, this one features mostly knowledge-based content. The questions promote useful learning and can really strengthen what children learn at school.
presidents of the usa puzzle

Melissa & Doug, Presidents of the USA puzzle

US Presidents puzzles

The Melissa & Doug Presidents of The USA Floor Puzzle (ages 6 and above) is a fun and easy way for children to learn about all 43 US Presidents and recognize their faces. In this puzzle, each President’s portrait is shown with his name underneath. The graphics of this puzzle are very realistic and beautiful. And as in many of the Melissa & Doug’s products the puzzle is very durable. If you are looking for a puzzle game, your kid will have so much to gain with this one.

American history board games

Settlers of America Trails to Rails (ages 8 and up) is a fun board game that can get your child inspired and interested in the history of the Old West. Children build railroad and cities as they head west. The artwork is very attractive. Overall, a great way to get kids to enjoy US history and the Old West theme.

Video games

Oregon Trail (5th edition) by The Learning Company is a popular video game that takes children back in time and back to the American Old West. The game has great graphics and children get to see what frontier life was like. In the game, players have to move West to Oregon (just like many settlers back then willing to move to the greener state) and face many challenges.

If you are looking for North American games for kids, we also recommend this website:, it provides information about games played in North America. It is also a great kids' encyclopedia, that kids can use for school reports or for homeschooling!

For activities on American history for kids, visit also this website:

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